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We took our dog to camp Bow Wow in San Antonio, TX Northwest while on vacation. When we returned, we picked him up and the card they gave us which describes his activities noted a "slight rash on his right shoulder." The next day, Saturdary, we took him to the vet first thing in the morning as he persisted in licking and scratching this area. The vet stated that it's a good thing we brought them in when we did as he would have been a "complete mess by Monday." The vet shaved his chest revealing a rash that covered most of his chest (See photo.) Our dog is now on prednisone, antibiotics a prescription skin wash and a topical skin spray. The cost of this was approximately $355 on top of the $513 we paid for his stay at camp Bow Wow. My wife bathes our dog at least once a week, blowdries his hair when done and brushes him daily. He has never had anything like this prior and there's no way in the world that this happened as a result of our caring for him.

Will we be taking him back there when we leave town next time? I think not. Nor would I recommend anyone take their dog to this particular facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $868.

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WHAT IS GOING ON AT THAT PLACE??!? That looks so painful..

I am so sorry that happened to your dog.. A rash? No that's parasitic..

N how easy is it for a long haired dog to casually get a "rash like that? Not very!!



Please contact me as soon as you can. We have a golden that has this same issue after being at our dog sitters house with other dogs while we where away for a week.

We are very worried for our girl.

Thank you for emailing me when you get this.

mohrstudio at gmail dot com


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